Four Rivers’ management team is backed by a seasoned board of directors with extensive international strategic and operational experience.


R.P. Eddy is the Chairman of the Board; Paul Wilson and Ryan Dodd from the executive leadership team also serve on Four Rivers’ board and those of several of its subsidiaries.


    Mr. Mark Fuller is the Chairman and CEO of Rosc Global and Rosc Global Investments, which provide merchant banking and advisory services to governments, corporations, and nonprofits. He was previously the founding Chairman and CEO of Monitor Group, a company he built into one of the world’s premier consulting firms.   A renowned business and management thinker, he is considered an innovator in the field of strategy consulting. He was previously a professor at Harvard Business School, where he taught courses in Strategy Formulation and Implementation, as well as industry and competitive analysis and has authored more than 200 books, articles, and case studies on business strategy.  He has a BA from Harvard College, an MBA from Harvard Business School and a JD from Harvard Law School.


    Mr. Hideo Ito has over four decades' global corporate leadership experience, having begun his career in 1969 with Toshiba Corporation in Japan and working across many of its international operations including in Germany, Malaysia and Mexico. He was most recently CEO of Toshiba America based in New York.  Mr. Ito holds a bachelor's degree from International Christian University, School of Liberal Arts in Tokyo, and a graduate degree in International Business Management and Management Theory from Indiana University’s Kelly School of Business. He serves on the Dean's Advisory Council for the Kelly School of Business.


    Mr. Matthew Moneyhon is a Partner at Ergo, serves as Chief Operating Officer, and manages the firm’s China work. Previously he has worked for Gerson Lehrman Group, the U.S. State Department, the UN, and a range of academic and policy-oriented public and non-profit organizations. He holds degrees from the University of Texas, the University of Hawaii, and Columbia University, and is a member of the Council on Foreign Relations. He has published papers on a variety of topics, ranging from strategies to improve U.S. public diplomacy to the political and social impact of economic development in China. He speaks fluent Mandarin.


    Mr. Matthew Kelleher is a Partner at Ergo, and oversees many of Ergo’s international client engagements, including Ergo’s work for Gulf-based clients. His prior work experience includes being a Research Manager at Gerson Lehrman Group, and positions at the U.S. State Department (United States Mission to the United Nations), and L’Oreal in Paris. He holds degrees from Duke University and Sciences Po Paris. He speaks fluent French.


    Mr. Evan Pressman is a Partner at Ergo. He manages many of Ergo’s complex projects and oversees work on Africa. He also leads Ergo’s media, marketing, and communications initiatives. Previously he was a Senior Research Manager at Gerson Lehrman Group and a journalist at CNN, where he was part of a team which received an Emmy award for coverage of the September 11, 2001 attacks on New York. He is a Truman National Security Fellow and as degrees from the Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy, where he was the John H. Hedges Fellow in Public Diplomacy, and Haverford College.


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